2016 Toll-Free User Summit Presentations & Videos
Every year, Somos hosts a gathering of Responsible Organizations (Resp Org), Service Providers, Service Registrars and key influencers to connect, collaborate, learn, and network as we discuss the latest topics and trends in the Toll-Free industry.  Below you can view the videos of each presentation and download the accompanying slides from sessions at the 2016 Toll-Free User Summit.
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Speaker: Gina Perini, President & Chief Executive Officer of Somos

With a focus on the exciting future of Toll-Free, Somos CEO Gina Perini welcomes everyone to the 2016 Toll-Free User Summit and discusses how emerging trends can help you grow your business and greater collaboration across the Toll-Free industry will lead us through our next evolution.

Stakeholder Forum
Moderator: Gina Perini, President & Chief Executive Officer of Somos
Panelists: Greg Fernandez (THE Telco), Doug Gardner (Twilio), Noah Rafalko (TSG Global), Nick Sgroi (Bandwidth), Jaime Zetterstrom (West Corporation)

This forum, with Somos’ Advisory Board members, will focus on the pressing trends and issues in Toll-Free and tell us about their stories, their companies, and how they have seen Toll-Free evolve over time.

SMS/800 Platform Session 
Speaker: William Carter, Chief Operations Officer of Somos

Our industry continues to innovate, Somos is transforming and streamlining the user experience with the Toll-Free Number Intelligent Platform and Somos COO William Carter shares the developments we’ve made over the past year as we build out functionalities to address our customers’ most critical needs.

Marketing Update 
Speaker: Michelle Larsen, Vice President, Customer Engagement at Somos

Through market research, consumer interviews, and original content, we’re here to arm you with the information and foresight to support taking your business to the next level. Listen as Michelle Larsen presents tools, thought leadership, and upcoming events designed to help you collaborate and innovate with the Toll-Free industry.

General Session

Building the Future: An SMS/800 Platform Discussion  
Moderator: Michael Kimmel, Director, Requirements Analysis at Somos
Panelists: Chris Lowe (Dial800), Joseph Tahan (Somos), Briana Sullivan (Bandwidth.com)

Somos has launched an ambitious effort to reinvent the SMS/800 platform. The future “Intelligent Platform” will embrace innovative technologies to expand our functionality and optimize your performance. In this platform discussion, we talk about what the new platform means to your business, the value of the new APIs and how you can use them to enhance your business, and what will you need to transition your business to the new platform.

Marriott Harbor Beach Resort & Spa  •  Ft. Lauderdale, FL  •  November 1-3, 2016

Speaker: Jack Uldrich

Watch as our 2016 Toll-Free User Summit Keynote Speaker, Jack Uldrich — hailed by BusinessWeek as “America’s Chief Unlearning Officer”— explains why unlearning is a critical skill for the future of telecom and Toll-Free.

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