Keep Illegally Spoofed Calls OUT of the Contact Center with RealNumber® DNO

March 9, 2023 • 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM ET • Online Webinar

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Meet Your Presenters

Kyle Belcher, Somos' Senior Product Manager, has over 8 years of experience dealing with Toll-Free and Local number management systems. His passion is bringing new and unique solutions to long-standing problems. He is currently leading development efforts on both TFNRegistry IP Routing and RealNumber.

Think that unlawful robocalls and malicious caller ID spoofing are exclusive to individual consumers? THINK AGAIN.

More and more, contact centers are being targeted by robocallers, spoofers and scammers looking to defraud both consumers AND businesses. For better or worse, unlike your average consumer (who is empowered to ignore an unknown or unrecognized call), contact center agents don’t share this luxury. With customer experience expectations higher than ever, missed or ignored calls can lead to lost revenue, a bad reputation or even worse.

So, what can contact centers and their agents do to prevent unwanted fraudulent calls from wasting valuable time, effort and resources?

Build a Contact Center Blacklist – starting with

RealNumber_Logo_IndigoPurple (1).png  DNO!

With Somos’ RealNumber® DNO, contact center agents gain access to a robust database of over 6 billion phone numbers that have been identified as “do-not-originate” (AKA numbers that should never make outgoing calls). By preventing calls from non-originating numbers from getting through to agents, RealNumber DNO can help contact centers save time and increase efficiency.

Want to see just how RealNumber DNO can help your contact center? Join Kyle Belcher, Senior Product Manager at Somos for an introduction to RealNumber DNO’s core features and functionality that can help ensure that contact center agents are spending their time with REAL customers – NOT robocalling scammers!

Register now to learn more about how RealNumber DNO is helping to keep illegally spoofed, in-bound only calls OUT of the contact center!

Bill LaRuffa, Somos' Senior Director, Strategic Partners